Adam Recommends: SteamOS Sale

Hey all! As you may already know there’s a STEAM SALE!!! Okay, so it’s not like the Spring or Winter sales but it is pretty good! I already have a few of the titles on the sale, and there are two games that I think have some great design concepts that you might enjoy.

Kerbal Space Program (In Beta 2015, Squad)

In my opinion, “Kerbal Space Program” is hands down one of the best games that’s in this sale. Kerbal is one of those games that stands on its own as far as uniqueness, ingenuity, and just plain fun.


Players engineer rockets and spaceplanes with the goal of sending little green men (and soon women) into space. Do you need more than that? Are you downloading it right now? You play in 3 different ways: take on contracts to buy new rocket parts and upgrade your space centre in “career mode”, explore the solar system and unlock parts strictly through scientific research in “science mode”, or just build and fly with access to all the parts in “sandbox mode.” I really like how much variety one can experience through the different modes; and seeing as I am a fan of self paced and personal goal oriented games the sandbox mode is my favourite. Through their well thought out economics system and nearly real to life physics players can attempt a multitude of missions and a myriad of difficulties.


Building spacecraft is fun and fairly intuitive and is based mostly on connecting fuselages and fuel tanks to hard points. Flying them is even more fun, and is the meat and potatoes of the game. Once you figure out how to get a craft into orbit properly it’ll pretty much change your life. Kidding aside, KSP makes learning about physics super fulfilling. The Kerbals (remember the little green men?) are very well designed, constantly showing off their hilarious expressions and individual personalities as you subject them to super fast rockets, crashes, and zero gravity which very much adds to the reward of successfully landing them on the Mun. The art and visuals are done very well, and you don’t need a super powerful computer to get a lot out of this game.

But don’t take my word for it! I say pick it up!

The Banner Saga (2013, Stoic)

The other game that I highly recommend is Stoic’s “The Banner Saga.” The main thing I want to touch upon is how much emergent story comes into play in this game. Throughout the story the player is faced with tough decisions that will ultimately affect major plot events. As the stories unfold players come to several different types of encounters, ranging from economic decisions, character interactions, and turn-based combat; each one affecting how the epic story will play out. Not to mention that the story itself is very well thought out and very well written. I couldn’t wait to get home from work to get to the next chapter.

The Banner Saga

The art style of this game reminds me of a modern take on the art style from “The Hobbit” animated movie from 1977; and I couldn’t love it more. The landscapes are breathtaking, and the characters are expressive and soulful, which really undercuts the amount of reading. I will also say not a pixel was wasted on my monitor. The art, in my opinion, in combination with the story leads to an immersive player experience.

I won’t ramble on any longer; I think these two reasons alone are enough to give this game a play!

In Conclusion

There are a bunch of great games on sale, but these two have to be my favourite as far as design goes. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!


Can you recommend other games in the sale? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by!


Disclaimer: All images come from each game’s respective website and link back to such. These are not screenshots from me. I was not paid to say these things, I legit love these games.


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