Gamer Journal: “Xenonauts” or “Why Adam’s Not In Charge Of Military Decisions”

Journal! Hi there!

I just played Xenonauts (Goldhawk Interactive, 2014), one of my favourite games to play when I need a reminder that if the aliens actually invaded I shouldn’t be the one in charge. As you might know I’ve played and written about Xenonauts before. It is one of my go-to games when I am looking for a challenging strategy game that’s quick to start; and its often quick to end (cuz I’m not very good at it)!

Set in 1979 Earth Xenonauts is a faithful successor to X-COM: Enemy Unknown / UFO Defence (Mythos Games, 1994), a turn based strategy game placing the player in control of a worldwide organization charged with fighting against an alien invasion.

I really do like this game, but I am eager to play some of the other titles! So instead of doing a detailed write-up about the game here’s a video entry instead:




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