About Me

Hi there! I am Adam! As the title of this website suggests, I am a game guy!

Adam the Dino-Bird

Please enjoy this photo of me being a dino-bird.

Simply put, I am your mild mannered game designer who has been known to play bagpipes in addition to a variety of board, card, tabletop and video games.

Short bio: I’m a guy (see username), I studied Music at McMaster University, I then studied Software at Mohawk College, and now I make games for kids (mostly).

I love games. I love reading about them, thinking about them, talking about them, and most of all I love playing them. Board, card, word, video I love them all. That’s why I make them. My dream is to make games that make us think, ponder, shudder, squeak, scream, shout, pout and expand our imaginations to wonderful and immeasurable heights.

I think the game that has influenced my life the most is “The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time” for the N64 console. That game really opened my eyes and ears to the kind of magic and wonder that music can have; to this day I want to play an ocarina to unlock my front door or make a treasure chest appear out of thin air. It blew my 9 year old mind. Not only was the music score written amazingly (thank you Kōji Kondō!), music as a game mechanic felt inspired. Think about it, Link saves the world using music; how cool is that?

But I digress.

Thanks for coming to adamthegameguy.ca! I look forward to talking about games and game design in all sorts of ways! Basically if there’s something about games that makes me feel feelings, you bet I’ll talk about it here. For now we’ll start with written posts, but I hope to evolve into some ‘Let’s Play’ sessions.

Here’s a short list of the kinds of things I’m going to talk about:

  • Ideas and themes around game genres and design concepts by comparing and contrasting examples
  • Game reviews, focusing on certain game design themes
  • Play Journals, journaling experiences I’ve had while playing games (particularly of genres I am unfamiliar with)
  • Explorations of design principles from all types of games, ranging from mobile to AAA, FPS to MMORPG; regardless of their release date.

I hope you’ll join in! Wanna reach me? You can find me on Twitter at @adamthegameguy, and of course you can comment on my posts!

Thanks for stopping by, this is gonna be fun,



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