Keep Calm Is Out In The Wild!!!

I am so freakin’ excited!!! Why? I’ll tell you why:


Today I release my first personal/solo project!

I talked about Keep Calm: An Interactive Short Story yesterday, in my first post in ages, and I am happy and ecstatic to say you can now play/download a game that is 100% all me!!!

Keep Calm is available to play in your browser on for FREE! You can also download desktop versions for your Windows and Mac computers!

Keep Calm is a short game, and as I said yesterday it was an awesome exercise in writing for me, but also coding and organizing my own projects with deadlines and all that cool stuff.

The story comes from a whole bunch of inspirational sources, but for now I’ll let you experience the experience for yourselves ;)

That link again:

Special thanks goes to my very awesome fiancee who encouraged and cheered on this project from start to finish.

I hope you enjoy :)